What it all mean?

When I started homeschooling I was rapidly introduced to a lot of new terms. Have you sent your letter of intent? Are you going to “deschool”? What type of school are you doing? And so on.


Well first thing first. Yes, I want to homeschool, decision made. How do I do it?


I found a lot of my answers and how to by talking to other homeschool moms and visiting

the website, a resource I use all the time. On this site, you will find information on almost everything. Make sure you read their section “Homeschool Laws in your State”


By this time, I have multiple people asking if I sent my Notice Of Intent?

This is a simple letter stating that you are planning to homeschool your kids. Not all states require it and some you may have a deadline to send it in. I contacted my local school district and they were very helpful.


Then came the question: What type of school are you doing?

First time someone asked me this I was speechless as I want to do Homeschool, which is school at home.  Oh Boy was I wrong, it is way more than this.


Virtual School: Programs that teaches only online


Umbrella School: Broad general term, because homeschool laws varies in every state, umbrella schools can assist to meet requirements in your state


Traditional School: Doing “school at home” using curriculum. Depending of state regulations, yearly portfolio and testing may be required.


One day I was speaking with another homeschool mom and she asked me how is my deschooling going? We were quite new at this new adventure and I had nothing to say but :

“My what?”

Deschooling: I love how explains it. Taking some time to get “school” out of your system before pursuing homeschooling. Make sure you take a look at her blog for more information as of why and how to go about deschooling?  Don’t forget, parents, deschooling can also be for you.


Then come, according to me, most difficult question of all What Curriculum? You will find out that there are thousands and thousands of curriculums out there.

I don’t want to go too much in details as I am working on another article about this.