How it all started

A few years ago, we were put in a situation that lead me to make a decision that impacted our family life for the best. Yes, I said “I made the decision”. This was because I wanted to make that sure this really was what I wanted to do. After all, I was going to be the one doing schooling and teaching the girls all day.


I felt like an empty book. I knew that they needed to learn but how do I do it? How do I follow and make sure they are on track with their peers? But really HOMESCHOOLING! What that really mean?


So, I went to work.


For over 30 days I researched, I read, met with people. Finally I  said “Yes! I want to homeschool”. I then shared my findings with my husband and we both agreed let’s do it for the remainder of the year (November 01). Then we will re-assess.

Hubby did bring up some valid points. Knowing me he knew I didn’t like to repeat and like me he was wondering how to keep them on track. One of his biggest concerns that was quickly erased was: How will they socialize?


Oh! Boy! Let me tell you his last concern went away very fast.


First and foremost, I looked at the legal side of it.


Yes, I wanted to withdraw my children from the school system, but how do I do it legally? Send your letter of intent. HLSDA website has been very helpful for additional information by states on the legality of Homeschooling. Definitely, a resource to keep in mind.


With the legal side out of the way now the biggest question:


How do I homeschool?


When doing my research, I thought if I want to homeschool, I do school at home.

Oh! No!

I read about Virtual School did not fit our needs.

Unschooling? Did not have the guts to dive in right away.

Traditional homeschool with the end of year assessment I went with this so I can see how the girls are progressing.


One of the biggest, demanding and long process was the Curriculum. When I started I wanted to have everything in 1 box and run with it. When talking with experienced Homeschool moms they said if you feel safe with this go with it. With experience they said, you will start piecing your curriculum from different places.


I first started with Timberdoodle Curriculum. For me I ordered and that was it all in 1 box. We LOVE it! It was easy and the girls were doing great.


And off we went and our homeschool journey had started! We learned on the kitchen table, at the park and they were even bringing their reading books in the car.


Did not take long for us and we were hooked


We had our ups and downs, our successes and try outs again and again. Never in a million year, I thought it would impact our lives that much.


Can’t wait to share all of our findings with you.




4 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. We recently have decided to test our hand (my wife and I) at homeschooling our children. We have three boys (5,4, and 1) and we are very excited, and anxious about embarking upon this journey. The great thing is so many people are looking into alternative options for schooling and education so there are increasingly more and more content available for us every step of the way. Thanks for your post and good luck moving forward with homeschooling.

    1. Congratulations on your decision! It is an amazing journey so far. Love how they learn and how my husband have learned throughout this process. Lots of information available and more coming on a daily basis.Have fun on your journey!

  2. I commend you on taking the initiative to homeschool. I thought about taking my youngest daughter out and homeschooling her, but I had no idea what to do. She is a junior in high school now, so we are luckily coming to the end of our public school journey. Good luck on your homeschool journey!

    1. Thank You! At the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming what and how to do it. Luckily it seems to have more and more information available coming out. I am super excited for this adventure!

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